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I find it interesting how Moses’ face glowed after speaking with God. On the 700 club program “Life Beyond The Grave”, one guy said Jesus’ face was the source of all the light in Heaven.
Facial expressions are used to communicate emotions to others and a lot of times, the face is what some base their perceptions of beauty on.
It seems to me that God made our faces for a purpose. Not simply for sight, smell and taste, but for something much bigger and more important in His plans for humanity.
Not only does a face individualize a person, it also connects with the people around them. When two people begin their journey towards becoming one, their faces meet via their lips so that they touch (in a kiss). When a blind person is getting to know you, they sometimes touch your face to feel what you might look like.
Touching one’s face, via wiping away a tear, poking/tapping a nose, or caressing communicates love and comfort, caring and hope. To rub noses is a sign of affection. To stare into someone’s eyes in wonderment is typically a side-effect of love or infatuation. When one’s eyes are hard, their eyebrows drawn in and their mouth is tight, it’s generally a sign of anger, frustration or general unhappiness.
There’s a lot in a face. Except when one has their “poker face” on you can tell what one is thinking or feeling by their face, especially when they speak.
I’ll finish this thought with a tag back to Moses’ face glowing from talking with God. These are lyrics from a song I heard on a Joy Williams album.”Do they see Jesus in me? Do they recognize Your face? Do I communicate Your Love and Your Grace? Do I reflect who Your are in the way I choose to be? Oh, do they see Jesus in me?”They surely saw Him in Moses.


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Written in 2011 as a Journal piece that I posted on AllPoetry.com