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I plea
loose insanity’s
grip on meit takes hold as I battle it
death grip
strangling my mindI sit
and sip my latte
the world around me moving on
as though
nothing were wrongbut I know betterit’s all in my head
this raging war
between reality
and the placid pain i feel

it settles in the cobwebs
in the corners of my imaginings
for the opportune moment
to strike
revealing for the world to see
my insanity

my pen moves
of it’s own accord
spilling words I dare not think
I cannot believe
I’m this far gone

please help me
throw a line to my sinking ship
so I can grab a hold
rescue me from the waves
of desperation misunderstood

the espresso tastes bitter
and I set it aside to avoid
becoming sick

but though my body still functions
as best it can
my spirit flies away
leaving my emotions to torment me
as twisted and non-sensical as the art
on the walls around me

take my heart in your hands
glue the pieces back together for me
for I am incapable

the sunset I see through the window
beyond gourmet advertisements
reminds me
even as darkness falls
there’s beauty in the making

pity, the process evades my soul
dashing away
out of reach
for I would have my spirit to not be
bereft of beauty

these musings of my aching head
tumble about inside
never falling into sensible lines

I give up

I pay for my coffee and step
breathing the fresh, clean, just-rained air
escaping from the little shop
my asylum
the inspiration to my insanity

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This is one of my older poems that I just like 🙂