I’ve recently been working on upgrading a flower bed that my husband and I made, about 2 years ago, and even though it’s been hard work (with still more ahead), it’s wonderfully enjoyable. There’s nothing like building something with your own hands and then stepping back to see what you’ve accomplished.

Standing on the deck to envision the layout from above… Laying on the ground next to it to have a straight side view to ensure levelness… Toting rocks back and forth to build a small (but long) retaining wall around the edge… Digging and moving wheelbarrow, after wheelbarrow, after wheelbarrow of dirt to fill it back up with… Replanting the plants that were dug out for the revamping process… Planting some new plants with them to make the bed full and fluffy… Spreading the mulch carefully and evenly around the plants to finish it off… It’s all good! To look at the before of a dirt patch basically, compared to the gorgeous flower bed that it is now (at least one tier of it.. and it’ll fill in better once the plants grow to full size…), is a very fulfilling feeling.

A lot of people look at landscaping as hard work. It is. But in that hard work is the joy of creating something new and lovely. The beauty in things natural is astounding, and creating a garden bed with recycled natural things is one of the most awesome, beautiful things I do (My husband too 😉 We work together on most projects).

Instead of thinking of gardening/landscaping as a chore, or as a hobby, or as work, I like to think of it as a labor of love. The more love you put into it, the more beautiful it becomes.