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My goal these days is to attempt to gain the awesome results with my hair of the shampoos and conditioners I sell, but to figure out a system that works, using raw ingredients in my very own kitchen, by myself, through trial and error. I’m sure I won’t have the same wonderfulness level in certain regards, since I’m not a professional scientist (I just like to pretend lol), but it should be an educating and fun experience nonetheless.

So, since my last random hair treatment concoction, my dandruff has lessened, but somehow, my hair was still oily from the olive oil/avocado oil that was in it. Yesterday, I did a new thing.

I used lemon juice on my scalp (to continue my dandruff fight) and then I did a classic milk with honey wash… except that I wanted a red tea latte at the time, so I just brewed extra, drank my yummy mugful and used what was left on my hair… I’m lazy 😉 But I had the added benefit of the antioxidants from the Rooibos red tea, so I’m totally OK with that. Cinnamon too.

Cinnamon has several benefits for hair (not to mention how good it is in my teas), including preventing hair loss (which I don’t really have a problem with, but it never hurt to keep the hair I’ve got), it has some antifungal/antimicrobial/antibacterial properties which is always good, it can help with dry/brittle hair (at least the oil can.. not sure about powdered form), and stimulate hair growth.

Sounds good to me. And the fact that it helps increase glucose uptake is a totally great reason for me to drink it in my tea before putting it in my hair too! Awesome for my low blood sugar! Its been helping me with my last little bit of baby belly pudge, too, by decreasing insulin insensitivity which can indirectly assist in reducing mid-section extras.

As an aside: Continuing the lazy theme of the night, after I washed my hair with the milk/honey/tea mix I used what was left in the bottle as a body wash. I usually just rinse my body with water, wiping over my skin with a washcloth for gentle exfoliation, but I didn’t want to have to put the mix back in the fridge. 😛

So after I washed my hair with the lemon, rinsed, then the milk, and rinsed, I then followed it with my usual ACV rinse, with my usual ratio of 1-2 Tblsp to 1 Cup water.

My hair is very clean feeling, now that it’s dry, however, it took a very long time to get dry. As mentioned at the beginning, I think the oils from my last treatment are still in there some, mostly on the midsection. My roots have been thoroughly cleansed and my ends are naturally drier, but that dratted midsection gives me trouble sometimes. I should learn not to put the oil there one of these days lol. I am VERY determined NOT to use any baking soda (as with typical no ‘poo routines) because even though I love using it to clean around the house…. that’s exactly why I don’t want it on my head. It’s too harsh. Better for cleaning the copper bottoms on my pots and removing stains from carpets…

So anyway, as a last informative bit: though the heavenly smell of banana/chocolate/peanut butter was fantastic at first from my last treatment, after a day or two, it went rather sour and left a smell reminiscent of… how shall I say it…? Barf. Not too pleasant. It’s main benefits were soft hair, non-irritated scalp, and no dandruff. The smell lessened after a water/ACV wash about a week ago, and I had thought it would be gone after this wash, especially with how fabulous the honey-milk smelled, and the fact that I started with lemon juice, but for some reason, getting wet reactivated the smell and I still have eau de barf on my head.

Take that as a word of warning if you were thinking of trying a banana/peanut butter/oil concoction… If you are more concerned about your hair’s health and are willing to take an interesting (but smelly) step in the process as I have, go for it, but if smells bother you, don’t even think about trying my last recipe! At least not as it is. You can still try parts of it, modified to your preferences, of course. And also, of course, this (today’s) recipe shouldn’t cause any problems as long as you rinse all of the milk out of your hair very thoroughly.

I can live with it by pulling my hair up into a bun where it can’t waft at people, and looking at the bright side of that part, my hair is more protected from breakage when it’s in a bun, so even though I lose on the smell, I still win in the doing-good-things-for-my-hair department! Yay! ^.^

To sum it all up: My hair is getting healthier every day (with some adventures along the way), but I sure wish water was a little better at removing smells and olive oil!


Happy Hair Days!