I love making “coffee” for my boys. Little Baby Cutie-bug gets so jealous when I drink coffee with Hubby that I usually either have to give him a sip or make him his own version and when I do that then Little Man gets jealous and wants some too! So if anyone has little people that want to feel bigger and drink “coffee” with you here’s what I do:
I heat up some fresh, raw, whole milk and froth it up in a frother (if you have a steam wand on an espresso machine that works awesome. My personal frother is the inner press part of a french press that broke, stuck into a tall chinese soup container… Works just as well as a store-bought frother.) and I add a little raw organic sugar, some cinnamon, coriander, ginger, nutmeg and vanilla (ratios of each one being dependent on your child’s tastes. My little guys like the cinnamon, vanilla and nutmeg to be top flavor with the coriander and ginger in the background, although Little Baby Cutie-bug adores my chai blend with tons of ginger), then I stir it up, and serve it in a little baby-sized mug just for them.
They love it. ^.^ And the little foam mustaches as they look at you with a full mouth, savoring the flavor, is just precious!